TW776/876: Numeriese Metodes/Numerical Methods

TW776/876 (2016)

Numeriese Metodes Numerical Methods

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Assignment 1 (due Thursday, 18 Feb) (updated version, a part (f) was added at the end)

MATLAB Intro and accompanying lecture slides Afrikaans English

Class hours: Tuesday 11:00-13:00 (M301) and Thursday 10:00-11:00 (M203)

Notas Notes

Chapter 1; Lecture Slides 1 (Background Material = Recommended Reading)

Chapter 2; Lecture Slides 2 (Linear Systems)

Skedule Schedule

Week 1 (Feb 2&4): Linear systems; existence and uniqueness of solutions; vector and matrix norms; intro to conditioning of linear systems. Undergraduate slides: English Afrikaans

Week 2 (Feb 9&11): Conditioning (cont); the A = LU and PA = LU factorizations.

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JAC Weideman