TW776/876: Numeriese Metodes/Numerical Methods

TW776/876 (2015)

Numeriese Metodes Numerical Methods

Inligtingstukke Information Sheets

Inligtingstuk; Information Sheet

Aankondigings Announcements

Fourth assignment (due 2015/04/16): Assignment 4

Test 1 Date: Friday March 27, 8:30-10:30 (note time), in M203. Test covers the lecture slides of Chap 2 and Chap 3 (up to page 47). Rule-of-thumb: everything on lecture slides or done on the board or part of Assignments 1-3 is fair game for the test. 2014 test

No Lectures: on April 1 & 2 because of Engineering Test Week

Student MATLAB: MATLAB can be purchased from MathWorks for USD45.00 (core) or USD89.00 (with toolboxes). You must register an account at using your email address. Then follow instructions at

Notas Notes

Chapter 1; Lecture Slides 1 (Background Material = Recommended Reading)

Chapter 2; Lecture Slides 2; (Linear Systems)

Chapter 3; Lecture Slides 3 (Least Squares)

Chapter 4; Lecture Slides 4 (Eigenvalues)

Skedule Schedule

Week 1 (Feb 4&5): Linear systems; existence and uniqueness of solutions; vector and matrix norms; intro to conditioning of linear systems.

Week 2 (Feb 11&12): Conditioning (cont); the A = LU and PA = LU factorizations. Undergraduate notes on conditioning English Afrikaans

Week 3 (Feb 18&19): Instability of GE and the growth factor; Complexity of matrix computations; Sherman-Morrison formula

Week 4 (Feb 25&26): Symmetric positive definite systems; Cholesky factorization; Review of the least squares problem; Normal equations. Undergraduate notes on least squares English Afrikaans

Week 5 (Mar 4&5): Least squares problem (cont), QR factorization with Gram-Schmidt.

Week 6 (Mar 11&12): Least squares problem (cont), Solving LS problem with Householder notes

Week 7 (Mar 18&19): Least squares problem (cont), Givens rotations schematic shown in class; Revision of the eigenvalue problem

Week 8 (Mar 25&26): Eigenvalues (cont)

Week 9 (Apr 1&2): No class because of Eng Test week

Opdragte Assignments

Assignment 1 (handed in on Feb 19) Solutions
Assignment 2 (handed in on March 5) Solutions
Assignment 3 (handed in on March 19) Solutions


nopivotlu.m (GE without pivoting)
Circle fit demo

JAC Weideman