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Documents on this server

  • Gene-tic Algorithm: a Gene Golub cryptic crossword
  • My publication bibliography (BibTeX data base)
  • Some of my papers and preprints
  • GEOMPLEX -- a package for typesetting geometry drawings using LaTeX and Octave. Superseded by NAPOLEON.
  • NAPOLEON -- a package for typesetting geometry drawings using LaTeX and Metapost.
  • M-Tx: Music typesetting
  • Curriculum vitae (PDF)
  • The Trefethen challenge problems
  • Making CDs from a DVD soundtrack
  • A program for solving Kakuro problems
  • Opinions on science and religion (in Afrikaans)

    Documents on this server not directly clickable from here

    Visit http://dip.sun.ac.za/~laurie/topic where "topic" is replaced by the relevant directory name. These directories mostly contain material that I don't want to be indexed by webcrawlers.

    Some mathematicians and computer programmers

  • NA-Net The White Pages with information about many numerical analysts
  • Moody Chu
  • Ronald Cools
  • Kai Diethelm
  • Sven Ehrich
  • Walter Gander
  • Walter Gautschi
  • Nick Higham A good starting point for virtually meeting many other interesting people.
  • David Levin
  • Nick Trefethen

    I found this interesting

  • When I asked Google for a picture of Kronrod, I got various wrong Kronrods and some non-Krodrods. I lifted this one from Brudno's translation of the short biography by Landis and Yaglom , published by the Department of Scientific Computing and Computational Mathematics at Stanford.

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  • HoĆ«rskool Jan van Riebeeck, Kaapstad (Ou Skoollied geset met M-Tx) ,
  • Universiteit van Stellenbosch ,
  • University of Dundee, Scotland


    Getroud met Trienke ; vyf seuns Henri, Diederik, Dirk Pieter, Reenen en Kestell.