descriptionThe Nitwit's Galley: A static web gallery
ownerNeil Muller
last changeSun, 29 Jan 2017 16:00:34 +0000 (18:00 +0200)
2017-01-29 Neil MullerFix behaviour around latest Pillow versions master bit/master
2016-09-12 Neil MullerUpdate ignores release_0.5.0
2016-09-12 Neil MullerTweak so works
2016-09-12 Neil MullerBump version number for release
2016-09-12 Neil MullerFix command names
2016-09-12 Neil MullerEnsure we always parse all the files
2016-03-08 Neil MullerAdd mailmap file
2016-01-26 Neil MullerFiddle error output in the to match use of '<parent...
2016-01-26 Neil MullerInclude full path in error message
2016-01-09 Neil MullerAdd compressed xmp files to the list
2015-04-26 Neil MullerFix logic error in handling already seen orig files
2015-03-11 Neil MullerAdd robustness in corner case of missing info
2015-01-09 Neil MullerAdd darktable xmp files to lsit of original filenames
2015-01-06 Neil MullerHandle image orientation tags better
2015-01-01 Neil MullerAdd Nikon RAW images to original extension list
2014-10-29 Neil MullerDrop obselete pylint plugin
9 months ago release_0.5.0
6 years ago release_0.4.0
7 years ago release_0.3.0
8 years ago release_0.2.1
9 years ago release_0.2
9 years ago release_0.1
4 months ago master