01/02General principles: basic quantities, ideal models (e.g., particle), Newton's laws of motion & gravitational attraction, SI units & prefixes, rounding, significant figures.
02/02Vector operations: scalar vs. vector, vector notation, graphical representation, multiplication, addition, subtraction, laws of sines and cosines. Two types of problems: addition of forces, components of forces.
04/02Cartesian vector notation
08/02Cartesian vector notation (3D): magnitude, coordinate direction angles, direction cosines, pr. 2-59 (note sign of y component, incorrectly shown as negative in class).
11/02Position Vectors: definition (2.7), force directed along a line (2.8), problems 2-86, 2-89. Attempt problem 2-96 yourself (solution).
15/02Dot product: computing the angle between two vectors, computing components along perpendicular axes.
17/02Dot product problems
9/03Couple moments: Three ways to solve Pr 4-79.
08/04Three solutions to P5-48, compliments of Prof. Boshoff.
12/04Friction at the Atomic Scale by Jacqueline Krim. | Beautiful video lecture on friction by Walter Lewin from MIT.
15/04Tipping vs. Slipping Summary
19/04Centres of gravity, mass and centroids.
26/04Hand-in assignment for Wednesday, 04/05: 9-73, 74, 77, 78 | Tin experiment | Hanging Hammer | Fork balancing act
--Summary: area moment of inertia