Setup Bluetooth Headset

Jabra bt200 (btsco)

Also see the bluetooth-alsa documentation.



Method A

Use the Bluetooth icon and gui.

Method B

Configure alsa

Edit /etc/asound.conf:

pcm.headset {
        @args [BDADDR TIMEOUT]

        # The Bluetooth device address for target headset, used for Audio Gateway (PC) initiated connections
        # Please note that this value is ignored when the connection is Headset initiated
        @args.BDADDR {
                type string
                # default "00:0D:18:A0:2A:0B"

        # This value represents how long we will try to reach the headset, until we give up.
        # Value is in milliseconds
        @args.TIMEOUT {
                type integer
                default 6000

        type        sco
        bdaddr      $BDADDR
        timeout     $TIMEOUT

ctl.headset {
        type sco


Setup skype

Skype might not remember device settings, so check on startup.


- Sometimes, noise is recorded. Don't know why, yet.

/etc/init.d/alsasound restart seems to fix it.

- Sometimes the "real" sound card drivers get unloaded, so you can't

use the audio device. Modprobe the card back in, i.e. sudo modprobe snd-hda-intel and /etc/init.d/alsa-utils restart.

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