Setup Morse

A Fully Automatic Morse Code Teaching Machine first described in a May 1977 QST article of the same name by Ward Cunningham.

--- Makefile    2004-09-30 00:12:16.000000000 +0200
+++ /tmp/Makefile       2008-01-29 12:34:19.000000000 +0200
@@ -30,9 +30,9 @@
        g++ -c -Os `fltk-config --cxxflags` Codebox.cxx
        g++ -c -Os `fltk-config --cxxflags` Knob.cxx
        g++ -c -Os `sdl-config    --cflags` Cw.cxx
-       g++ -static -om m.o Bargraph.o Codebox.o Cw.o Knob.o \
-         `sdl-config --static-libs` \
-         `fltk-config --ldstaticflags` -ldl
+       g++ -om m.o Bargraph.o Codebox.o Cw.o Knob.o \
+         `sdl-config --libs` \
+         `fltk-config --ldflags` -ldl
        strip m
        rm *.o m.cxx m.h

Doesn't currently work with pulseaudio, so you have to kill it.

Using OSX

  1. Install fltk using macports
  2. Patch as above.
  3. Also change "-om" to "-o m" in compiler line.
  4. Also patch m.fl: "W->show(argc, argv);" should be "Morse->show(argc, argv);"
  5. Remove "m" and "*.so".
  6. Compile.

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